About Us


Hello, our dear visitor! If you are reading this, you are probably interested in our story and want to know what we do.

In 2015 our family bought a small house in Mississauga, Ontario and we became happy first-time homeowners. We were so excited that finally we didn't need to rent and could start making our home cozy and better. My wife started improving the interior design – furniture, curtains, carpets, beddings, and all other home décor wherein she's an expert.

I wanted to take part in home improvement too so I decided to start my ambitious project – make our home smart. Probably this idea came up from the basic wishes of having comfort, safe and money-wise living.

My first steps were just simple – I went through all rooms searching for old halogen, incandescent, fluorescent bulbs and replaced them all with LED. Later on, when temperatures went down we decided to change that old dumb thermostat on the wall with the Ecobee 3. And I guess it our first smart home device which appeared in our house.

Then month-by-month I have been replacing the old switches with dimmers, some LED bulbs with smart LED bulbs, regular plugs with smart plugs. Next year I've installed a smart video doorbell at the front door, later on on the back door too.

And by the third year living in our house, I succeeded to fully accomplish our smart home. The house now completely retrofitted and automated with smart lighting, smart temperature/humidity/motion sensors and smoke/water leak detectors, smart video surveillance, smart door lock and garage opener, voice assistants and other accessories.

For a regular DIY guy I managed to install all smart home devices by myself. Also, I tried different products and brands and could compare their cons and pros and sometimes returned them after bad experience.

Small family hobby

Last summer 2018 my wife once told me "Let's start our own website!". Indeed, my spouse is the idea generator who always makes the right decisions which eventually turn into something big and make a huge turn in our life. In one day we decided to launch a website which helps people to buy high-quality smart home devices. 

What we use and sell

Our family is Apple oriented so we built a smart home mainly on HomeKit platform, but 95% of the accessories can be controlled/monitored remotely from iOS, Android or web. Also one of my tech requirement of the device is the voice support by home assistant whether it is Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri. The perfect match is when the smart device has universal compatibility.

Price matters

If you are a rich guy you won't bother with browsing the Internet for smart home deals. But if you want to save a few dollars you are in the right place. Of course, you can go to your closest big electronics store and buy a variety of smart devices there, but our online outlet offers always competitive and lower prices for the same products. We are a small supplier and sell limited amount of products, we don't charge provincial taxes.

Top quality and safe shopping

All products listed on our website have been chosen because of their premium quality and reliability, manufacturer warranty protection and technical support. Also, most of the products support various platforms and automation services - iOS & Android apps, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa voice skills, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Wink, Nest, Yonomi etc.

Making home living better

After 6 years of enjoying the benefits of automated smart home we can definitely say – yes, it's worth to try. And as soon as you get your first smart home device you'll love it and will use it daily. Or you'll program it to work independently to your life routine.

Smart doorbells, security cameras, keyless locks, white & colour ambiance lightning, various sensors, home thermostat and automated garage door respond to your app or voice commands, make your life easier and more comfortable.