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Controlling lights, shades, and temperature from a mobile device has never been easier or more reliable. The Lutron smart bridge allows for setup, control, and monitoring of Caseta wireless dimmers and Serena remote controlled shades from a smartphone, tablet, and even your Apple Watch wearable. The Lutron smart bridge also works with select Honeywell thermostats, Logitech Harmony remotes and Apple HomeKit. Schedule lights to adjust automatically based on the time of day, or create your favourite scenes that adjust multiple lights and shades with the press of a button. Enable geofencing to automatically turn your lights on/off when you leave or approach home, or to notify you that you left your lights on.

This kit for hardwired lights gives you smart lighting control in two rooms. It is easy to use, simple to set up, and gives you a smart system that you can expand at your own pace.

Getting started is easy

It takes just a few minutes to install your Caséta Wireless lighting control system. And once you have got your system up and running you can seamlessly expand beyond lighting to other connected home solutions.

Expand your Smart Home System

The system can be expanded and integrated with best-in-class products available from partners like Amazon, Apple, Nest, Sonos and Xfinity to incorporate the best smart home technology into your home.

The system is ultra-reliable

Caséta Wireless features Lutron’s patented Clear Connect® technology, which sets the bar for reliable wireless performance. Its quiet frequency band is free of interference, so your Caséta Wireless dimmers are not affected by other wireless products. It just works!

Nothing gives you as much comfort as a well-lit home

Caséta is a smart lighting control system and so much more. See how it puts peace of mind and comfort in the palm of your hand.

Always come back to a well-lit home

Sun down. Lights up. With scheduling, Caséta works better than clockwork. It adjusts as sunset changes throughout the season to bathe your house in light whenever it gets dark.

Ease of control by touch or voice

Stay comfortably in control from anywhere. Manage Caséta effortlessly with dimmers, Pico remotes, the mobile app or use voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Look like you’re home, even when you’re not

Smart Away technology turns lights on and off at random to make it appear like someone’s always home even when you’re miles away.

No need to get up to wind down

Connect and control multiple lights by setting a scene – and go from game day to movie night to lights out in no time.

Lighting that knows when you come and go

Get an alert when you head out, indicating you’ve left the lights on – and be welcomed with light when you arrive home. All based on your location.

Smart lighting that plays well with others

Caséta works seamlessly with other smart home products so you can have as smart a home as you want and easily manage it through the Lutron app.

What’s included in the kit (in separate packaging):

– 1 Caseta wireless smart bridge
– 2 Caseta wireless in-wall dimmers
– 2 Pico remote controls
– 2 one-gang Claro wallplates.

What’s NOT included in the kit:

– 2 single tabletop pedestals

Additional information

Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 18.75 × 18.75 × 10.5 cm