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With the Pico Paddle Remote designed for Caséta smart switches and dimmers, you can seamlessly harmonize its paddle-style design with the Diva smart dimmer and Claro smart switch, ensuring a uniform and appealing aesthetic. Installing the Pico smart remote is a breeze, as it closely resembles a regular switch and can be added to any room without the need for wall modifications or complex wiring. You can effortlessly create a wireless 3-way lighting setup by affixing it to the wall using the provided Pico wall mount bracket.

When paired with the Diva smart dimmer, the Pico Paddle Remote simplifies light control: a single tap brings the lights to the level set on the dimmer, while two taps instantly illuminate the room to full brightness. The Pico Paddle Remote is compatible with the entire Caséta family of products, including the original Caséta aesthetic dimmers and switches. Thanks to its impressive 10-year battery life, you can trust that your Pico remote will remain reliable whenever you need it.


  • 10-year typical battery life
  • Controls multiple light fixtures from almost anywhere in the home
  • Exclusive 3-way control functionality when paired with the Diva smart dimmer: single tap to set lights to preset slider level; double tap for full brightness (dimmer requires the latest firmware and may require an update)

Kit includes:

  • 1 Pico Paddle wireless control
  • 1 Claro wallplate
  • 1 Wallbox adapter
  • Mounting screws

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 0.8 × 8 × 12.1 cm